Gladiator Grill Hot Dog Cart


Gladiator Grill Hot Dog Cart


  • –  2 Burner double deck grill w/grease tray
  • –  Double steam table w/5 pans and lids included
  • –  4 Sinks (wash, rinse, sanitize & hand washing)
  • –  Hot & cold water (swivel faucet)
  • –  5 Gallon fresh water tank
  • –  7 Gallon disposed water tank
  • –  Insulated beverage bin w/drain (144 cans)
  • –  9 Foot umbrella



The Gladiator Grill is one of the best selling hot dog stands.

The grill on the Gladiator Grill is one of the best selling hot dog stands. hot dog cart is a double rack 55000 BTU with plenty of cooking space. The drip tray is below the barbecue and sufficient to hold grease for months, so you won’t have to clean it every day. Please know that people prefer grilled hot dogs and sausages rather than steamed. Smoke sells.


The steam table on the Gladiator Grill hot dog cart has two big cast iron burners with their shut-off valves. It can accommodate various sizes pots with lids. You can use the steamer for hot dogs, buns, chili, cheese and sauerkraut. The stainless steel pans and lids (4 one-third size pans 6″ deep, 1 half size pan 6″ deep, 4 one-third size lids, 1 half size lid and 4 separator bars) are easily removable for cleaning. NSF approved pans and lids.


As in most of the other hot dog stands, the Gladiator Grill comes standard with 4 stainless steel sinks with hot and cold water, a 5-gallon clear water tank and a 7 gallon disposed water tank.


The insulated beverage bin on the Gladiator Grill hot dog cart is easily reachable for customers to help themselves. It maximizes the life of ice and has its own drain and plug. It holds 144 cans and is easy to refill. The hinged lid has a chrome handle.


The stainless steel condiment table on the Gladiator Grill hot dog cart is located on the opposite side of the vendor. This gives the customers privacy to dress their hot dog and the peace of mind to you that nobody will run into the towing bar and get hurt. The table is attached to the hot dog cart structure by a 40 inch long piano hinge, which makes it retractable at the time of traveling. Here you can offer diced onions, sweet relish, banana pepper rings, dill pickles, jalapenos or whatever you want. Table size is 40 inches by 31 inches. Material: stainless steel. Set the mustard, the ketchup and the napkins dispenser on top and you are ready to go.


The bread box on the Gladiator Grill hot dog cart has two levels. The lower-level of the bread box allows you to keep 30 bags (a total of 360 units) of your fresh buns behind two sliding doors. The upper level is the perfect place to keep extra foil, napkins, paper bags, straws, tongs, spoons, etc. It has two sliding doors with chrome handles as in all the other hot dog stands.


The 9 ft. market umbrella on the Gladiator Grill hot dog cart can be the color of your choice. The umbrella holder is located in the center of the hot dog cart to give you perfect shade. Every now and then you can remove the cloth part of the umbrella and through it in the laundry machine.
Market umbrellas are less expensive and faster to replace than vinyl umbrellas. Vinyl umbrellas are high maintenance because they collect a lot of grease and dust. Therefore, you will have to clean them with soap and a brush at least once a week.


The steam table and the grill on run on propane, which is stored neatly and easily accessible in a steel fence cage at the front part of the trailer. It holds two twenty-pound tanks (not included), so you will never run out.


Same as in the other hot dog stands, the Gladiator Grill rests on a D.O.T. approved heavy duty trailer (title available) with baked enamel finished. The leaf spring suspension system allows you to tow it at freeway speeds with safety. The tires size is 4.8” x 8” standard.


The Gladiator Grill hot dog cart towing bar has a ball coupler. The ball coupler is 1 7/8″ an it has two safety chains.


The lights on  are tail, stop, signals and hazards. The wiring harness for the lights is male. The lights come with a license plate holder.


Keep your Gladiator Grill hot dog cart on the level with this easy-to-use 1000 lb. capacity swing-back trailer jack. The jack has a side crank handle to level it. Just fold it back and away for travelling.



The brochure contains the information need it by Health Departments to pre-approve your hot dog cart and after a physical inspection get you the final approval for the Mobile Food License.

    In this PDF format document you will find:
  • • Manufacturer’s information
  • • Four photos of the hot dog cart
  • • Main features
  • • Detailed description
  • • Specifications

    • Three schematics drawings (upper, right and left views)

      One left-clicked on the link below to open the brochure to print or download it. You can also copy the link and email it to your health department inspector.

      Gladiator Grill Hot Dog Cart Brochure


Schematics allow you to see the location of all significant parts and equipment and the overall dimensions of the hot dog cart. They are available in three different views (top, left and right). Most Health Departments require them as a part of the Mobile Food License Application. The schematics are also included in the brochure for the hot dog cart.

One left-clicked on the links below to view, print or download them.



    12v Refrigerator $975
    2″ Ball coupler w/safety chains $32
    24″ Commercial griddle $720
    Stainless steel 4 burner grill $146
    Flat steel plate for grill $75
    Retractable condiment table w/locks $160
    Extra side shelf each $70
    LED tail lights $64
    Napkin dispenser $19
    Potato chips clips each $10
    12v Water pump $80

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