Hot Dog Cart Manufacturer since 1998

Ours is a classic story of humble beginnings, growth and expansion through hard work and dedication.

So, you wonder who we are and how we became a hot dog cart manufacturer. This is our story. Hope you enjoy it. We jumped into the hot dog business back in 1998. We started with one hot dog cart and just 45 days later, we bought a second hot dog stand and a month after that we got a third one. Business was great, but we found the hot dog carts we had were not really satisfying our needs.

We researched available carts on the market but everywhere we looked we found poor quality carts that didn’t fit the practical needs required by a hot dog vendor. Plus, they were overpriced. This may sound like an odd thing to say, but the truth is that many manufacturers have only a very basic understanding (and sometimes not even that) of how selling hot dogs in the street is these days.

So, using the hands-on experience we had gained, we set about designing and building our own cart. Amazingly, the very first day we set up the hot dog cart downtown, somebody stopped and asked where we bought the cart.

“We built it,” we replied proudly.
“Well, I’d like one,” they said and they made an offer.

We were floored. And excited. We had sold our first cart. Not three weeks later, another person approached us with the same question and this time he wanted not one, but five carts. Our business was born and our mission was simple: to build the best hot dog carts.

We had started out building hot dog carts in the backyard, then a garage, then a small shop. Now, we have over twenty models and counting and we operate out of a 40,000 sq. ft. building. What we bring to the table is real-street knowledge and expertise to help guide you through the process of starting and growing a thriving business by providing working knowledge of all aspects of the hot dog business.
We carry a diverse set of hot dog carts for you to choose from and will accommodate any requests for customization. Our carts combine quality craftsmanship and innovative features that give you a competitive edge in the hot dog business. Our carts are designed for maximum performance and efficiency, enabling you to create a robust, streamlined business operation where you are your own boss. We are Hot Dog Cart Company. And this is where your business is born!

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