Enterprise Hot Dog Cart


Enterprise Hot Dog Cart


  • –  2 Burner commercial griddle w/grease tray (24″ x 24″)
  • –  40 lbs. Commercial propane deep fryer with two baskets
  • –  2 Full size steam tables w/controls (pans included)
  • –  4 Sinks (wash, rinse, sanitize & hand washing)
  • –  Compact refrigerator with adjustable shelves & interior light
  • –  Front awning w/nitrogen shocks
  • –  1/4″ Thick tempered glass windows all around
  • –  Exhaust fan and grease filters included



The flat top griddle on the Enterprise concession trailer is a double independent burner with pilot light, removable drip tray and splash guard. It runs on propane and measures 24” wide by 27” deep. The plate is 5/8” thick. The griddle is 40,000 BTU.


The 90,000 BTU propane fryer on the Limo Fully Loaded hot dog cart has 35-40 pound shortening capacity. It has twin baskets with manual control with pilot light and a front access door.


The Enterprise concession trailer has two full size steam tables that run on propane. They can accommodate various size pots and lids. The fully equipped steam table consist of two spillage pan bays, six 1/3 size pans and two beautiful roll top covers. The steam table has two powerful cast iron burners with its manual control valves. NSF approved pans, lids and roll top covers. You can use the steamer for the buns, chili and sauerkraut.


The exhaust fan specifically made for the Enterprise hot dog cart is located on the roof, centered directly above the hood. The exhaust fan will remove smoke, steam, heat and grease vapors away from the interior of the cart. It comes with two 20″ baffle type grease filters.


The Enterprise hot dog cart comes standard with four sinks. Wash, rinse and sanitize sinks and a hand washing sink with the liquid soap dispenser. The two swivel mixing faucets have hot and cold pressurized water by a 12v pump. The sinks are located under the countertop to free more space. The potable water tank holds 15 gallon and the waste water tank 21 gallon. The potable water tank inlet is ¾” as required by most health departments. The waste water tank has a manual valve for quick release as required by most health departments also.


The stainless steel insulated beverage bin on the Enterprise concession trailer holds 240 cans and is easy to refill. It maximizes the life of ice and has its own drain and plug. The hinged lid has a chrome handle.


The Enterprise hot dog cart has an electrical refrigeration unit to store all potentially hazardous foods as required by law. 12v Refrigeration units are also available.


The griddle, the fryer and the two burners on the steam table on the Enterprise hot dog cart run on propane. Two twenty-pound propane tanks (not included) are located in a double cylinder hold down rack. They are store neatly and easily-accessible inside the cart. The propane line has a dual stage automatic change over regulator that insures you never run out of propane during an event.


The Enterprise concession trailer has 1/4″ tempered glass windows all around. On the vending side the windows slide for fast and easy service. Optional screens are available if required.


The Enterprise hot dog cart has a full size hinged awning to provide customers cover from the rain or the sun. The awning has two nitrogen shocks for an easy up and open position. The awning has lockable latches for traveling.


The Enterprise hot dog cart comes standard with a ceiling vent to circulate air and to keep the interior ventilated without compromising security. Wedge-shaped, white plastic vent cover opens and closes with a hand-operated crank.


The Enterprise trailer comes with interior ceiling lights for after hours or night operations. The lights are 12v.


The access door in the Enterprise hot dog cart is in the back of the cart and comes with key locks for security.


The Enterprise concession trailer has a back to front outside shelf to set napkin dispensers, condiment trays, and to assist customers.


There are two upper shelves for storage on the  cart with plenty of space to keep fresh hot dog buns, potato chips, napkins, extra foil, paper bags, straws, tongs, spoons, etc.


The build to last Enterprise will provide years of reliable service. The main frame of the trailer consist of a welded super duty tubular (2” x 2” x ¼”) structure treated with rust resistant protective coating. . The DOT certified radial tires (15”) and 3500 lbs. rated springs and axle makes the trailer safe for towing at highway speeds. This cart has enough room for two people to work comfortably. The ENTERPRISE hot dog cart comes with a DOT title and a VIN metal plate.


The towing bar hitch on the concession trailer is removable. Therefore, the cart looks better and you can walk around the trailer without having to jump over it. The bar has a 2” ball coupler with two spring latching safety chains.


The trailer lights on the  tail, stop, signals and hazards. The wiring harness for the lights is the universal four prong plug. The trailer comes with a lighted plate holder to meet DOT and state laws.


Keep cart on the level with this easy-to-use 1,500 lb. capacity swing-back trailer jack. The jack has a side crank handle to level it. Just fold it back and away for travelling.



The brochure contains the information need it by Health Departments to pre-approve your hot dog cart and after a physical inspection get you the final approval for the Mobile Food License.

    In this PDF format document you will find:
  • • Manufacturer’s information
  • • Four photos of the hot dog cart
  • • Main features
  • • Detailed description
  • • Specifications

    • Three schematics drawings (upper, right and left views)

      One left-clicked on the link below to open the brochure to print or download it. You can also copy the link and email it to your health department inspector.

      Enterprise Hot Dog Cart Brochure


Schematics allow you to see the location of all significant parts and equipment and the overall dimensions of the hot dog cart. They are available in three different views (top, left and right). Most Health Departments require them as a part of the Mobile Food License Application. The schematics are also included in the brochure for the hot dog cart.

One left-clicked on the links below to view, print or download them.



2v Refrigerator $975
Window screen each $30
5 Condiment pan table $110
Extra awning $400
Nitrogen canopy shocks set of 2 $122
Umbrella holder each $30
Extra shelf outside 72″ $120
LED tail lights $64
Napkin dispenser $19
Potato chips clips each $10

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