Hot Dog Cart

Manufacturers of hot dog carts, hot dog stands and food vending carts.


When I got laid off in 2009, I had no idea what to do. There weren’t many options in my area and I wasn’t willing to move out of state away from my family for a new job. I never saw myself becoming a street vendor but after doing some research I found out you really can make a decent living at it.

When I gave the Hot Dog Cart Company a call, I was prepared to buy a cart right then and there but didn’t really know which one I wanted. They really helped me with that first, important decision. And I ended up going with the Gladiator hot dog cart because it was so economical and it’s a great cart for a beginner. I’m really happy with it. I’ll be buying a second cart from Hot Dog Cart Company, as I’m running a higher volume business these days.

Mark, Ohio

My family’s been in this business for a while. We mostly do fairs and carnivals and I wanted my own cart so I started looking online. When I found The Weenie Genie hot dog cart, I just got so excited. The cherry red color is so cheerful and I knew it would really stand out from other carts. Even though there’s no genie inside (believe me, I checked), my wish still came true. I found the perfect cart for me!

Jillian, Florida

We hopped on the foodie train in college. We loved visiting all the food trucks in San Francisco and just fell in love with the idea of street food. So much so that we decided to start our own business of small, imaginative American cuisine that could be eaten in with your hands.

We were pretty much operating out of our car and when we decided to upgrade to something more serious, we turned to Hot Dog Cart Company. We chose the Limo because we use the grill a lot and there’s a fair amount of prep area, which we need. It really helped us develop a devoted customer base and we’ll be opening a small cafe soon. Thank you Hot Dog Cart Company for helping us make our dreams come true!

Susan and Jonathan, California

Hello! Just wanted to say thanks for all the help Hot Dog Cart Company gave me in the beginning. I had so many questions. And they were so patient and helpful. Thanks again!

Julie, Philadelphia

I’ve been selling hot dogs for 15 years now and when it came time to get a new cart because my old one had to be put down :(. I didn’t think I would find anything I liked as much. My standards are pretty high. I chose the Limited Edition hot dog cart because it has all the features I was looking for.

It’s a really sturdy, well-made cart which is good because I definitely put it through the hoops. When I found out this cart was designed by a former vendor I was glad because I have a certain way of doing things and this cart fits all my needs. I can definitely say it’s a quality product.

Jay, New York