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Hot Dog Cart License | How To Get One

Mobile Food License Sticker - Hot Dog Cart CompanyHow To License Your Hot Dog Cart

Applying for a hot dog cart license means you are acquiring a mobile food license that allows you to legally sell food to the public from your hot dog cart. It is a state license and can be obtained from your local county Health Department. It asks for basic information about yourself, your business and what you intend to sell. When filling out this portion of the application, keep it simple. The more food items you put, or the more complex your menu, the more difficult your health inspection will be. Once you acquire your license, you can start to add slowly more items to your menu without having to be harassed by the Health Department. Your license will need be renewed annually. You will be informed 2-3 months in advance of your expiration date. The cost of a mobile food license varies from anywhere between $100 to $700 depending on which state you are in. The average price is $300/year. Just as in the case of a vehicle, you will receive a sticker or two that will need to be displayed somewhere on your hot dog cart that indicates you are licensed and up to date.